[CT Birds] Lake Bethany - Acadian Flycatcher, Winter Wren, BT Green Warblers

John Oshlick via CTBirds ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org
Tue May 27 09:37:02 EDT 2014

Lake Bethany - Bethany - Steve Mayo told me that their is a wonderful
ravine below Lake Bethany that has had Acadian flycatcher in the past. I
did not really explore the area until yesterday. If you head south from the
Lake Bethany Parking area off of Hatfield Hill Rd there is a trail that
leads to a beautiful ravine that contains mixed deciduous/coniferous forest
(mostly coniferous). Yesterday I found a singing Winter Wren and three
singing BT Green warblers clutered in an area that looks like possible
breeding habitat. Today I returned and found the BT Green Warblers again
and I also had a singing Acadian flycatcher in the same area.

Lake Chamberlain - 1 Common Loon in basic plumage.

Lake Bethany and Lake Chamberlain are Water Company areas and a pass is
required (Can be obtained from the regional water company website)

Thanks Steve!

John Oshlick

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