[CT Birds] Naugatuck State Forest, Tuesday and Saturday

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Tue May 27 13:08:28 EDT 2014

This morning I started birding Naugatuck State Forest at the first green gate on the left after passing the entrance to the landfill on Hunters Mtn Rd.  I took it as far as the "road" goes, to the clearing. (After that it is walkable but more like a stream for a good stretch; didn't go that way today.)  From the clearing, to the left there is an extensive area that was logged (but not clearcut) a few years ago and is growing back.  Back in there I had a MOURNING WARBLER, a year bird for me.  Various Hooded Warblers were singing here and there.  My 2nd spot was the powerline cut area near the shooting range, where I had a BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER in the cut, and an ACADIAN FLYCATCHER singing from around the stream just before the cut.

Last Saturday (5/18) I parked at the end of Hunters Mtn Rd and walked the forest road behind the last green gate.  Just before it crosses the powerline cut there is a small pond to the right.  The first thing I noticed was that the beaver dams had been removed, lowering it by a good three feet to where it used to be.  When I was there just weeks ago that had not been done.  Swimming in the pond was a female Hooded Merganser being followed by a bunch - perhaps 11 - of little tiny dots.  This is only the 2nd time I have seen breeding hooded mergs in CT (the other in the Whitmore Sanctuary in Woodbury years ago).  After returning to the car I birded the fields.  13 warbler species total, including plenty of Hooded Warblers.  An Alder Flycatcher was also of note.

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Roy Harvey
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