[CT Birds] 6/1 - "Granby" Breeding Bird Survey

John Weeks via CTBirds ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org
Sun Jun 1 14:03:19 EDT 2014

My wife Chris and I ran our BBS route for the U.S. Geological Survey this morning.  The route begins in New Hartford below Saville Dam on Barkhamsted Reservoir, follows Rt 219 north into Barkhamsted and Hartland, swings east through Granby and East Granby, then heads north again to end in West Suffield.  Perfect weather conditions (temps in mid-40s to low 60s, barely perceptible wind and nearly cloudless skies) presaged a good count, and we got an excellent one -- 76 species, far and away the best total since we revived this dormant route in 2011.  We would have run it in record time, too, but for a charity walk-a-thon that temporarily closed the road where our last two stops were located.  A young porcupine toddling along in Hartland was a bonus wildlife sighting.

If you've never done a BBS route, give it a try.  It's great fun, and it'll hone your birding skills -- you have only three minutes to see or hear whatever birds are present at each of 50 stops half a mile apart.  It's old-school birding -- audio playback and pishing are strictly verboten.  The best of it is that you'll contribute something to science and bird conservation. 

John Weeks
Chris Chinni


Green Heron (fly-over, East Granby)
Black-billed Cuckoo (East Granby, Copper Hill Golf Course parking lot)
Alder Flycatcher (4; 2 in Barkhamsted, 1 each in Granby and Suffield)
Willow Flycatcher (3, all on East St, Granby)
Bank Swallow (12, probably many more in the area, near nest holes in sand piles on East St in East Granby (sic!))
Louisiana Waterthrush (3, all in Barkhamsted)
Northern Waterthrush (Barkhamsted, Rt 179 just south of Legeyt Rd)
Prairie Warbler (Granby, Notch Rd, Windham Gardens Farm -- there every year)
Canada Warbler (same place as the NOWA)
Swamp Sparrow (2: Barkhamsted and East Granby)
Purple Finch (Granby, Moosehorn Rd -- first one we've found this year)

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