[CT Birds] A Pear Tree and its dependents

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Wed Jun 4 21:19:19 EDT 2014

I have a very old Pear tree 20 feet from my house that must be 100-plus years old. Each year the Yellow bellied Sapsuckers use it every day for food, and it is littered with their holes yet stays alive. I've seen 5 of them feeding from it at one time, and at the end of breeding season I've seen the whole family there feeding - 2 adults and 4 young. Though old and looking a bit tired I haven't the heart to take it down - not only because it endures, but because in its old age it still contributes to the life around it. We still see years of abundant Pears on it that feed so many critters, be it bird, animal or insects. So how can I think of only my needs or wants when this old tree still lives on to provide food for so many other local as well as migrating living beings?
I sure wish others might have this same understanding that I have towards seeing the whole picture rather than just their own egotistical choices or will. Yes?

Paul Carrier - Harwinton    

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