[CT Birds] YB cuckoo, ch. swifts....

Tom McNamara tmacport99 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 21:51:33 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Visiting for bit from across the country....I don't have a refined sense of
what makes for a "reportable" bird yet but, given the recent YB cuckoo/
 and swift posts, I thought that I'd at least mention:

Strong Rd (S Windsor) Fri. 6/6  I had  1 YB cuckoo,  8 Chimney Swifts and 2
Bobolinks among other stuff...

Yesterday a.m, I went to Vibert Rd (S. Windsor) and, in addition to meeting
Ernie H and the friendly group from Hartford Audubon, had a male Orchard
Oriole  directly overhead (while on the road) ~30-50 meters E of where
Newberry Br. crosses.

good birding,

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