[CT Birds] Cornwall American Bittern (s)

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 22:30:23 EDT 2014

Doing the the Litchfield Hills June Count in the Mohawk Mt area, I had an American Bittern calling early Saturday morning in an extensive wetland that can be viewed from near the junction of Rts 4 & 43. Tonight I went back to check a larger part of it viewable from Johnson Road off Rt 43. At 8:40 an American Bittern was visible in the air over the marsh and immediately began circling and flying higher. It did this for several minutes before getting quite high and heading off to the west and out of sight. Could only speculate on what it was up to.

Also a bit earlier had two hen Hooded Mergansers with ducklings (broods of c 10 & 8 respectively) in the Cream Hill area of Cornwall.

Greg Hanisek

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