[CT Birds] a few notes re: the 2014 NHBC Summer Count in area M (and part of E)

Florence McBride michael.mcbride at yale.edu
Mon Jun 9 19:32:05 EDT 2014

Hamden/New Haven, NHBC Summer Count Areas M and part of E:  

	Of particular interest were of course :
•  the Black-throated Blue Warbler found by Mark Scott on the road to the summit of East Rock, and heard by my group as we were coming down from the summit. (6/7); also the Yellow-billed Cuckoo Mark found that day
•  the Common Goldeneye and Least Bittern found by Chris Loscalzo and Marianne Vahey when they were observing from a kayak on 6/7 (see ctbirds 6/8, 9:42 am).

	We also were pleased to see two Black Skimmers in the Quinnipiac Marsh on 6/7 (about 2:30 pm, when there was a lot of exposed mud at Forbes Island), and two adult and two young Bald Eagles on State Street in Hamden, to find Indigo Buntings singing in two locations (at the summit of ERP, and next to the Q. Marsh), and to have Robert Hutton's report of the birds he found at the Giant Steps in East Rock Park on 6/8 (see ctbirds  6/8 9:30pm).

	As far as I know, no one relocated on count days the Blue Grosbeak and Hooded Warbler found by Dan Barvir  in upper East Rock Park and reported to ctbirds by Mark Scott on 6/6.  If anyone found either of them on 6/7 or 6/8, would you please let me know, at fmcb_warbler at yahoo.com, so I can add them to our count tally?  Thanks.

Florence McBride, Hamden

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