[CT Birds] Pine Warbler song

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Tue Jun 10 22:14:53 EDT 2014

Late this afternoon I was sitting on my patio listening to “our” nesting Pine Warbler singing. It sang a song I’d not heard before-not here, nor anywhere else. It sang its familiar trill perhaps 5 or 6 times, then would change up and introduce a 2-note song where the second tone was lower-pitched than the first. Sounded more like an Orange-crowned than a Pine, which is pretty much out of the question, especially since I was watching the bird that was singing. And this alternate song was varied too; sometimes the first, higher-pitched note was less than 1 second of the approx. 3-second song, and sometimes it comprised about half of the 3-sec. song. Wonder what the individual after which this bird modeled its song sounded like (there were probably multiple models). Checked the songs on the Sibley and “all about birds” websites and did not find this pattern. Also broke out the vinyl and played the old Borror and Gunn warbler songs-not there either. But I did find reference to this in that ancient source: Bent cites a report from 1935 of a similar song pattern in a Pine Warbler. Couldn’t check BNA-I can’t afford it. Has anyone else experienced such a song from a Pine Warbler?

Rob Mirer

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