[CT Birds] Rentschler Mowing - EnCon - Please read

Joseph Cala joseph.e.cala at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 15:28:36 EDT 2014


In regards to the recent mowing at Rentschler field I reached out to a
contact I have (Captain Raul Camejo with EnCon—Commander of the Western
District and West Marine Sector) with the State Environmental Conservation
Police (EnCon).  I specifically wanted to see if this was something that
was of a concern to them, and if so, if it was something that they
could/would help to enforce.  I only name drop here so that you all
understand that this information is not coming from some ‘peon’ within

He reached out to his counterpart of the Eastern District (Captain
Tomassone--since Rentschler Field is in the Eastern zone for them) and the
wording I got back was that it is most certainly something they care about,
and in fact they dispatched an EnCon officer last week who assisted the
USF&W Special Agent who handled (and still is) the mowing incident.  I’m
not sure if USF&W reached out to them for backup or support, or how they
found out about the mowing—but an officer was certainly sent out and EnCon
was under the impression that the mowing stopped.  When I informed Capt.
Camejo that the mowing continued after the original trip out he was going
to alert the officer and USF&W that it was still happening.

I specifically asked him in my 2nd message if this was something that they
could enforce.  You all might not realize this, but EnCon is very
understaffed (their responsibilities are staggering) and I did not want to
relay this message to the birding community if there was truly nothing that
they could do in situations like this.  Capt Camejo responded back that if
anyone witnesses continued mowing there, or situations like that again, to
call dispatch right away and to report the incident.  The number provided
was 860-424-3333.  This is EnCon’s 24 hour emergency line, so clearly
he/they are not playing around with this.  I encourage all of you to keep
this number in your phone just in case situations like this occur.

With how understaffed EnCon is there is no guarantee that they will be able
to get folks out to calls immediately (they frequently don’t for fishing
violations that I’ve reported), but the fact that they are willing to deal
with this issue is a huge win for the birds and birding community when it
comes to wildlife enforcement.

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