[CT Birds] Indigo Bunting

Robert Hutton rvhuk at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 11:51:22 EDT 2014

Is it possible that I would have been able to see an Indigo Bunting at East Rock, near the summit yesterday. The bird was sparrow sized, dark blue and soaking wet. In was not "singing in the rain" and did not wait long enough to have his portrait taken. I wondered about the Blue Grosbeak, which had been seen at the summit, but there was no red visible on the bird and it did not seem to be over 6 inches in size. I also saw two bird fly between the summit and Wilbur Cross High School. They too were no bigger than sparrow sized, had yellow rumps, but not a yellow dot on the rum, more like a yellow tint across the rump. The breaking point for these birds were a first sighting for me of two Peregrines, one of which was screeching very loudly as it swept parallel to the road where I was standing, about 200 yards from the summit. I only managed a photo of the second bird as it flew out in the direction of the Eli Whitney Museum, whole the other went around east

I had a relatively quiet day but the American Redstart has three large chicks in her nest on the Giant Steps and the fourth egg is either still at the bottom of the nest or the chick cannot squeeze past its sibling.||In case I din't mention it earlier, I saw an Eastern Wood-Pewee at the bridge at Trowbridge Drive on Wednesday and a deer on the trail, by the bridge, heading back up to the summit.

Robert Hutton
New Haven

Will swap Red Sox portraits (pencil sketches of the earliest, recent world series team) for any photographic equipment/binoculars to take me to a higher level. And Red Sox fans out there who would love a lifetime gem? (25 individual sketches, some of which can be viewed in my Facebook albums. )

:-) ||;-) A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. :-D

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