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I want to second Frank's enthusiasm for Eisenhower Park, a place I have birded fairly often over the years.  A corner of it, including part of what Frank's group studied, is in "my" Christmas/Summer Count territory, and especially when I lived nearby, I visited it regularly.  Among the good birds I have seen there are (also, and last weekend on the Summer Count) Orchard Oriole, Great Egret (also last weekend) in the pond, Kentucky Warbler (now I'm recalling birds from a more distant past...), Redpoll, Northern Shrike, many hawks of various species, Great Horned Owl, Pileated Woodpecker, Willow Flycatcher, Redstart (during the breeding season), Yellow-Rumped Warbler (winter), Red-Breasted Nuthatch (a summer count!), and more.  In the very old days, before the spiffy golf course was built across the street, there was a ruined orchard on part of that land.  On Christmas Count night, I stood in the middle of it and made squeaking sounds.  First a Gray Fox trotted right up to me; then a Long-Eared Owl flew up the path, directly at me, banked off at the last minute, perched in a nearby tree and barked like a little dog.  Parts of Eisenhower still feel that isolated and suburban-wild.  A gem indeed...

Lee Schlesinger
Port Chester, NY
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Hi all,

This morning's Coastal Center's Hidden Gem walk was at Eisenhower Park in Milford, an under explored park with a lot of potential. The original plan was to visit the lowland area on the southeast side of the park where a Lawrence's Warbler has been seen, but last night's rain flooded the area. Instead, our group birded the power cut, open fields and forested area near the pond by the main entrance. It was a productive morning with 31 species seen in just over an hour. Highlights included fantastic looks at an adult Orchard Oriole digging around in the gravel near the pond, a flight of 9 wood ducks circling the pond, a stoic Great Blue heron roosting in a tree, 2 adult Black-crowned Night-Herons, and we had a bit of fun watching a nesting pair of downy woodpeckers at their nest. A male hairy woodpecker was quite cooperative along the main path, as well. We'll start of another series in the fall. Canoe tours of the Milford Point Marsh start this month. The birding is wonderful.
  Check our webpage for details at www.ctaudubon.org.  Good Birding.


Frank Gallo, Director
Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center
At Milford Point
1 Milford Point Road, Milfrod
203-878-7440 x 501

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