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We could probably all spend the rest of our birding lives studying calls and songs!
Just today, the neighborhood Pine Warbler was exhibiting a repertoire that could have been confused with Chipping Sparrows, Juncos and many other birds (but not Worm-eating Warblers).
Then, at the car wash in Litchfield on route 202, another Pine Warbler threw out a much more extensive variety that included the version in the e-mails from last week.
Back in the neighborhood are a Red-eyed Vireo that embeds a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher pwee right in the middle of its song and a Catbird that does perfect imitations of a Phoebe and Towhee among its widely-varying singing. While the Phoebe is a local nester, the YB Fly, of course, only briefly passes through and there hasn't been a Towhee in the area since last year.

Thanks, again, to John Weeks for the link to xeno-canto, which I find to be more valuable than the Macaulay library due to the commentary that accompanies the recordings. For example, I was able to much more quickly track down an obscure version of a Hooded Warbler song on that site. I still refer to the Macaulay library all the time but a way to focus on a particular call/song variant would be an excellent addition.

Kevin Finnan
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Check out the birdsong library at www.xeno-canto.org.  Type "pine warbler" into 
the search box; 61 Pine Warbler recordings will be listed.  Go to the second 
page and listen to the recording made by Stuart Fisher on 5-31-2013 at Twin 
Lakes Creek, Cumming, Georgia.  He describes it as "a slightly unusual song with 
descending flourish at the end."  It sounds nearly identical to an 
Orange-crowned Warbler's song to me.

John Weeks
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