[CT Birds] Red Shouldered Hawk Action

Joan Hill jhill003 at charter.net
Mon Jun 16 22:52:17 EDT 2014

Yesterday evening I saw a red shouldered hawk on the ground in my yard, 
holding down what seemed to be still living prey.  Whenever the prey 
moved, the hawk clamped down again with its talons. I took a couple of 
photos through my window so not very clear, but I have posted two of 
them to Flickr.

     To get a  better picture, I went to open my door but when I did so 
I just got a glimpse of the hawk flying off out of the corner of my eye. 
The "prey" was gone as well. No feathers, blood, etc left behind.
     Looking at my pix, the prey is clearly another hawk, and probably a 
red-shouldered, too.  So now I am thinking this was some sort of mating 
activity. I have seen hawks mating a number of times, and always the 
male mounted a perched female and was on and off in a couple of seconds.
     So what was going on in my yard?

Joan Hill

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