[CT Birds] The numbers are in

Paul Desjardins paul.desjardins2 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 13:08:05 EDT 2014

According to B P all is fine in the gulf now after the Deepwater Horizon incident. What they won't tell you is the toll it took on the birdlife of the area. 260,000 Laughing Gulls, 35,000 Northern Gannets, 30,000 Royal Terns and 24,000 Brown Pelicans. Plus an unknown number of rails, gallinules and other marsh birds and about 120,000 other more pelagic species such as Sooty Terns, storm petrels and others. But to add insult to injury the "official" toll is only 2,121! This is based on visibly oiled when found. How disgusting but not surprising!

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