[CT Birds] Chester, 6/16 (belated report) - oriole fledge

teustis at killingworthlibrary.org teustis at killingworthlibrary.org
Mon Jun 23 07:37:29 EDT 2014

Chester, 6/16 - You'll all have to forgive me on the late posting about
this. I realized that I shared the news with many people (even Facebook
friends), but not CT Birds!
We had a two-fer Northern Oriole fledge over Father's Day weekend. It
was quite appropriate, considering that one pair of orioles starting
building a nest in one of our oak trees on Mother's Day - it was visible
enough that we could track their progress throughout the season. We knew
it was getting close to fledge time, as we could hear the young peeping
loudly with every caterpillar delivered to the nest.
On Father's Day proper, we thought those young had flown, because we
heard and saw 3-4 oriole fledglings getting fed by parents in our south
woods. Turns out, there was a second nest we weren't aware of. But they
were inspiration enough, because on Monday 6/16, "our" nest finally flew
the coop. I had the day off and was able to witness the whole thing. One
baby was already out on the branches by the time I finished breakfast,
but a second one was slowly emerging from the nest: first just the head,
then about half the body. When a parent came by with grub, the baby was
so excited that it fluttered out of the nest and ended up clinging to
the side of the cup. A second visit with food enticed the baby all the
way out onto a tree branch, which is where it stayed for the rest of the
day. We had about 2-3 confirmed young emerge from that nest, although we
suspect that there might have been one or another that did not make it -
the male kept returning to stare into the nest cup for long stretches of
time. Not surprised, given the cold rainy season. But between the two
fledges, we ended up with 5-7 brand-new orioles!
All of the young were very vocal for their first 24 hours out of the
nests; then they learned that silence is a virtue in the big wide world.
We haven't seen or heard the young or adults since, so they've obviously
moved on to greener hunting grounds. Overall, a great experience and
wonderful to witness. (I don't have any photo-sharing site other than
Facebook, but if anyone would like to see my pics of the fledging
process, let me know. They're hardly National Geographic quality, but
they're fun to see.)
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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