[CT Birds] Bird O Rama!!!!! In new hartford.

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Ben,  Thank YOU for sharing such a nice birding morning!
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>I am new to the "sport" of bird watching. My favorite are the hummingbirds.
> I moved into a small place that is 40yrds from the Farmington River (I've 
> measured it). My small porch is surrounded by trees making a beautiful 
> canopy, that it seems the birds love. In a five minute span of time I can 
> see hummingbirds to eagles. On a short walk I see many different birds. So 
> I went to the book store and bought my first field guide. Now I am hooked.
> So, back to this weekend. I went on my morning walk along the river to 
> find the mergansers that i have been watching. While on that walk I saw 
> both families of mallards and then the mergansers. There is a pond/ cove 
> near the river that they spend a lot of time. Some of our other residents 
> here seem to believe there is a snapping turtle eating the babies. While 
> at this pond, a flash of blue caught the corner of my eye. To my untrained 
> eye, it looked like a blue jay mixed with a woodpecker. After a look in my 
> field guide it was confirmed to be a Belted Kingfisher.
> Walking back to the house I heard the knocking on a nearby tree. I was 
> able to get a close look with my binoculars. This bird looked to be a 
> Downy. One of my neighbors seems to think it is a Sapsucker of some sorts. 
> I'm thinking we have both here.
> To my left, as quiet as can be a Great Blue Heron landed in the river.
> Of course the walk back to my house had all of our more photogenic 
> characters. Robins, Bluejays, Morning Doves and I think high above there 
> are Chimney Swifts. It is confirmed that chimney swifts live in the 
> chimney of New Hartford Elementary School,  which is only a mile away. 
> These birds do look the same.
> Back at my porch, we have our Hummingbirds. The kids and I have named 
> them. We have three consistent customers. A female who perches in a tree 
> to the right. Her name is Rita. Another female who perches to the left. 
> Her name is Vivian. Then we have our male. He sits on top of the iron 
> bracket that holds the feeder. He fluffs up and looks like a Swedish 
> meatball sitting there. We named him Meatball. He will chase Rita away so 
> I set another feeder for her. She seems to go to that one. When it comes 
> to Vivian. He just sits there and watches her from his perch. I think she 
> has a nest with eggs. I have seen her at the feeder with fuzzy things. She 
> will drop it in the nearby flowerpot, feed, then retrieve the fuzzy stuff 
> and fly away. Meatball will sometimes do some fancy flying moves for her 
> too. I also think Meatball and I have some kind of male bonding going on. 
> I drink an early morning coffee with him every morning. He is only a few 
> feet away. I actually think he is bird watching too.
> On another walk near the tubing pick up for Satan's Kingdom tubing, I saw 
> some Scarlet Tanagers.
> Last night around 8pm a beautiful Bald Eagle landed in the dead tree next 
> to my house. He was fully matured and big! A lot of the neighbors gathered 
> to look at him. He sat there for a good 1/2 hour, even with the little 
> birds dive bombing him. The Blue Jays were even taking shots at him.
> This morning I had coffee with Meatball and Vivian showed up for a bit 
> too. What made coffee time even more special was getting visited by Rita 
> too. The two ladies fed off the same feeder at the same time. Meatball 
> happened to be away at the moment. When he returned to his perch, both 
> ladies flew away.
> Down by one of seed feeders, I saw a Blue Jay feeding. Another Blue Jay 
> would sit on a near by branch and make crying noises. The jay that was on 
> the feeder would fly to the second jay and feed it like it was still in 
> the nest.
> On the other side of New Hartord, I saw a Barred Owl. Then at my sister's 
> house in Wallingford I was able to view Purple Finch with Goldfinch and a 
> woodpecker that looked to be a Downey, all feeding on a back yard feeder. 
> When the woodpecker flew away, it had red under it's wings. If any one 
> knows what kind it was, I would love to hear.
> Thanks for your time, have fun.
> Ben in New Hartford
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