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Wed Jun 25 10:10:26 EDT 2014

I once again am reading “The Birds of
John Burroughs” of which most was written in the 1800's. In his
book he writes the common names of our birds at that time, and I find
them most interesting. Here is a sampling of these early names:

Bush Sparrow – Field Sparrow
Buzzard – Turkey Vulture
Canada Sparrow – Tree Sparrow
Cedar-bird – Cedar WaxwingThe birds of John burroughs
Chewink – Towhee
Chimney Swallow – Chimney swift
Crow Blackbird – Purple Grackle
Ferruginous Thrush – Veery
Golden-crowned thrush – Oven-bird
Golden shafted Woodpecker or High Hole
– Flicker - 
Green crested Pewee – Acadian
Hairbird, or Social Sparrow –
Chipping Sparrow
Hen Hawk – any soaring buteo
Large billed Waterthrush – Louisiana
Maryland yellow-throat (I used this as
a kid)
New York Water Thrush – Northern
Orchard Starling – Orchard Oriole
Partridge – Ruffed Grouse
Pine Linnet – Pine Siskin
Red shouldered Starling – Red winged
Rusty Grackle – Rusty Blackbird
Shore Lark – Horned Lark
Snowbird – Junco
Solitary Vireo – Blue-headed Vireo (
I still use this name today)
White bellied Swallow – Tree Swallow
Wilson's Thrush – Veery
Yellow Redpoll – Palm Warbler
and my favorite that I still use –
Myrtle Warbler – not Yellow-Rumped. Other Warblers have yellow
rumps! But the best name for this Warbler is -  “Butter Butt!”

Paul Carrier

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