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Kudos to you, Nancy.  Last year I did a blog post on this subject regrading
the native, bird friendly, deer resistant plants I have used in our yard
which you can see at this link:

Updated experience shows that the deer will nibble on Inkberry, although
they haven't killed it (yet).  They seem to go for Winterberry too, but if
you can protect it until it gets too high for them to reach, it is a very
attractive food choice for a number of birds.  One thing I also learned
about Fragrant Sumac (which I planted as a ground cover because the deer
don't bother it and it has bird friendly berries in the fall) is that the
variety Gro-low, is all female and it is a favorite cultivar because of
it's low habit.  I am now searching for a male plant to put in in hopes I
can get the many female berries to ripen.  Right now they dry up.  Many of
the bird friendly plants are dioecius (male and female on separate plants)
so you will need one male plant of Bay (excellent and deer resistant),
Inkberry, Winterberry and Fragrant Sumac.  Viburnums like Arrowwood and
High-bush American cranberry are monoecius and so far the deer have not
bothered them.  Hope this helps!

Kathy Van Der Aue
Southport, Connecticut
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> I am taking down most of my flower gardens and will be replacing them with
> bushes. I was going to put in Winterberry & would like suggestions for
> additional bird friendly bushes.
> Nancy.
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