[CT Birds] Birdscaping

Jonathan Schwartz jonathan at jschwartz.com
Sat Jun 28 09:00:41 EDT 2014

Winterberry produces masses of red berries that aren't too messy.  Robins
and waxwings usually strip the berries in November after I get to enjoy
them for a while.

Also, shadbush is perhaps the most attractive small tree in CT.  Slender
gray trunk and masses of white flowers in April.  The berries are getting
ripe right now, and while they are delicious I am leaving them to the
waxwings, jays, catbirds and robins that are currently hopping around in my

Mt. Laurel doesn't provide food for the birds but there's nothing like a
mass of laurel for nesting.  I have catbirds nesting in mine, and some
hummingbirds in the taller shrubs.


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