[CT Birds] Question re AM. BITTERNS

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Mon Jun 30 10:24:41 EDT 2014

>From Angela Dimmitt
6/30 Sherman - is it possible that American Bitterns stop calling when  
they are nesting?  I saw one (or possibly 2 in the same area) flying  over the 
Wimisink marsh in northern Sherman on June 16 around 6 PM, but did not  hear 
anything.  I returned several times in the early morning and early  evening 
that week, listened and played a tape - nothing.  Then June 21  at about 
6:30 AM, Russ Naylor saw one flying in the same area but heard  nothing.  That 
evening I returned - nada.  
In 2006 a bittern was seen and heard in the marsh April 18, 2 were  
observed 4/26, one was noted May 14 and was last heard on May 22.  We  assumed they 
had left - but perhaps not - were they nesting and staying  very silent???  
The CT Breeding Bird Atlas implies they would have moved on  to their 
breeding localities, and at that point only one nesting was  confirmed (in 
Sharon).  This being the end of June, is it possible they are  here now and 
Angela Dimmitt
_angeladimmitt at aol.com_ (mailto:angeladimmitt at aol.com) 

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