[CT Birds] Prairie Warbler - Barkhamsted SBC

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Mon Jun 30 17:06:17 EDT 2014

from Angela Dimmitt
6/29 Barkhamsted SBC count with John Johnson:  American Legion  State 
Forest, People's State Forest, roughly Riverton to Pleasant Valley, and  heard a 
Prairie Warbler for the first time since my records began in 1999.   A new 
clear-cut on Route 181 was all it took.
I also had 11 winter wrens, 11 hermit thrushes, 13 black-throated blue  
warblers, 25 b-t green warblers, 2 cerulean warblers, Canada warbler AY, 3  
juncos, a pair of purple finches, and an osprey among other goodies.   Nesting 
colony of cliff swallows at Pleasant Valley school:  now up to  about 25 
birds, 9 active nests, a new high.  Also new to my list:  4  black vultures.  
Total: 82 species.  Not a bad day!

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