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Perfectly put James-  Thank you for responding in a manner in which I 
feel most of us agree.

Happy 4th of July.....

 On Wed, Jul 02, 2014 at 09:46 AM, James Winkelmann via CTBirds wrote:
 > John,
> Somewhere in your rant is a reasonable point.  Unfortunately, it's 
> buried
> under layers of poor grammar and punctuation, overly broad and unduly 
> harsh
> criticism of an entire community, and cloying self congratulation.  As 
> it
> stands I think you've simply alienated a group of natural allies. 
> While
> yes we all bear a shared responsibility of environmental stewardship, 
> the
> real culprits here are the ones who littered the marsh.
> James
> On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 1:37 AM, John Pfitzner via CTBirds <
> ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote:
>> I do not recall the exact date the white faced Ibis was first 
>> reported
>> But I am certain it was before saturday 06.21. On that day pavilion # 
>> 4
>> ( the pavilion in between willard's island and cedar island trail
>> entrances )
>> Was reserved for a party.
>> The attendees of the party engaged in a tradition of their native 
>> land (
>> India )
>> Which is " Kite Fighting " . This entails paper and wooded stick 
>> framed
>> kites
>> Attached to kite line specifically designed for cutting the others 
>> kite
>> line. It is
>> extremely abrasive to say the least, some actually has powdered glass
>> impregnated in it.
>> The last time this happened at Hammonasset park management banned the
>> practice
>> Of this in the park.  I and the two co- vice presidents of 
>> menunketuck
>> audubon
>> Spent three hours in almost 90 degree heat and clear skies removing 
>> all of
>> the line
>> And kites that were criss crossed over the entire marsh area at the
>> extreme west end of the park.
>> I went to hammo on wednesday June 25th four day's after the "Party" 
>> to see
>> the WF Ibis.
>> Before I even arrived to the marsh edge as i  approached the meadow I 
>> saw
>> kite line
>> Strewn all over the meadow. I immediately removed all of it. about 
>> 500
>> feet of it. As I
>> As I walked the mowed path along the marsh edge and looked over the 
>> marsh
>> I saw
>> A environmental and ecological disaster of colossal proportion.
>> I immediately forgot about the WF Ibis and ventured as far as I could 
>> (
>> without waders )
>> And retrieved as much line and kite's as I could. I also notified the 
>> park
>> office. I returned to
>> Hammo the next day, this time with knee high wading boots and gloves. 
>> I
>> spent an hour and
>> A half in the marsh and collected least FIVE THOUSAND FEET of vile
>> abrasive kite line as well
>> As ten kite's, most of which had 300-600+ feet of line attached.
>> Another menunketuck member also collected a substantial amount of 
>> line and
>> kite's,  as well as park maintenance
>> And Russ the nature center director.
>> I am quite certain that at least 20 - 50 so called "birders" and
>> "photographers" went to hammo between
>> Sunday the 22nd and wednesday the 25th. What is more astonishing and
>> deplorable then the disaster
>> In the marsh is that no one cared about what they saw in the marsh 
>> unless
>> it was a white faced ibis.
>> No one reported it or removed any of it. all about one's selfish 
>> desire to
>> check one off the "life list' or
>> To get the "money shot" or to show off some photo's of a rare bird. 
>> It is
>> disgusting behavior.
>> And do not try to divert the blame to the park or management, It is 
>> all on
>> you. The park
>> banned them from doing it, and this year they used a different name 
>> and
>> specifically requested
>> That area as to be at a more secluded location. the park supervisor
>> contacted reserve america and
>> Alerted them that they are no longer allowed to reserve pavilions at 
>> the
>> park. All of the collected
>> Material was brought to the park supervisor for evidence. He tried to
>> pursue issuing citations for
>> Littering, but it was too after the event and no witnesses or reports 
>> on
>> that day.
>> All those binoculars and scopes and cameras and no one saw the kite's 
>> and
>> line ?????? REALLY ??
>> How sad and pathetic, Just proves the vast difference between birders 
>> and
>> photographers and
>> Environmentalists, Like me..I could care less if i ever see a lazuli
>> bunting or marbled godwit. or
>> Get a photo of one. And if I do, I will not tell anyone. All that 
>> concerns
>> me is protecting the wildlife and the environment they live in.
>> When people see me at hammo with my camera and binoculars they will 
>> ask "
>> are you a photographer or a birder"
>> I tell them " No...I am not...and I do not understand why you chose 
>> to
>> insult me. Then I explain my answer to them.
>> I will make certain that cedar tracts and any area off trail on 
>> willard's
>> island will be a protected area and signs will be posted
>> As to access is prohibited and subject to citation and fine. In the 
>> fall I
>> will be monitoring that area and if I see anyone in
>> The cedars I will alert the park and EnCON police.
>> Happy 4th of July........
>> John Pfitzner
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