[CT Birds] Rare Bird sighting; Horned Grebe.

Robert Hutton rvhuk at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 13:19:31 EDT 2014

My Goodness what happens when the P.C. brigade get involved with nature. What a sad sport birding can be, when the "important people" with jobs and entitlement start throw their weight an ego around.

This morning after a lovely walk with Jim Bird of Las Vegas, I hurried home to discover what was special about one of the distant sightings. Mr. Point and Shoot, Mr. Poor Man, managed to capture a Horned Grebe but it was NOT the "money shot"

Jim and I did well, with a whole slew of different species.

Then I thought of the "code words" that are applied to "rare" sightings by the elite and the entitled, so I have coded my sighting of this Horned Grebe. It was five minutes from my house.

Robert Hutton,
New Haven, CT.

I am grateful to the TWO or THREE birders who have ever made contact with me. Some of the birders here are really nice guys. Others make promises but never follow up. 

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