[CT Birds] Windham Airoport 7/5/14

philiprusch at charter.net philiprusch at charter.net
Sat Jul 5 09:42:36 EDT 2014

I did a quick early morning check of the Windham Airport in North 
Windham.  Highlights as follows:

Eastern Meadowlark - a total of 12, including distant groups of 6 and 4 
out on the airport proper.  Also a pair that were foraging and carrying 
food to an apparent nest site just below the dam.  The large grass ares 
were mowed in the last week, but it appears that at least 3 nests were 

5 species of swallows including 1 Cliff, 6-8 Banks, 4 Northern 
Rough-wings, 50 Barns and 6-800 Tree Swallows.  The majority of Tree 
Swallow were juveniles sitting on the helipad.

2 Spotted Sandpipers on the Mansfield Hollow side on the rocks

Killdeer #'s are building as well

Phil Rusch
Chaplin CT

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