[CT Birds] missing Kingfishers

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Sun Jul 13 11:24:13 EDT 2014

From: "Hank Golet" <htg1523 at att.net>
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Subject: [CT Birds] Kingfishers

"Just wondering how far the shortage of Belted King Fishers goes"
Interesting Hank, I've been wondering exactly the same thing. I  have not 
seen a Kingfisher in the Boston Hollow area this year, and it's the  first 
time I can remember. I don't generally see them a lot but I can  usually count 
on several sightings over the course of the spring/summer season.  This 
year - not one.
We're at opposite sides of the state, and it does sound, from  the replies, 
that there are some in between us, though.
Don Morgan,  Coventry
mntncougar at aol.com

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