[CT Birds] Enjoying the Feeders on a Sunday Morning

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 13 11:44:29 EDT 2014

There have been a couple recent posts about good numbers of feeder and yard birds.  My wife Rebeca did something very unusual for this time of year.  She installed and stocked the feeders.

This included a Niger feeder.  Nature definitely abhors a vacuum.  Within hours, House Finches and Goldfinches materialized from nowhere.  Heck, I hadn't seen a finch in 5 months.  

But even more exciting are the family groups.  Juvenile Titmice (4+) are fighting (and winning) against the young (3+) Downy Woodpeckers.  Groups of scruffy, young Chickadees (2+) and WB Nuts (3+) are joining in, as well.  

In the meantime, "Ol' Jenny Wren" is still around them, scolding, harping and nagging from a short distance. I think it's simply because these feeding birds are right in his territory (you can thank the Victorian writers for that sexist misnomer).  

I guess you don't have to go to Beatty's Guest Ranch, Gambell, Cape Spear, Fuertaventura, Sao Tome, or the Lesser Sundas, in order to be entertained.  Today is a a classic example of enjoying watching birds, at the most basic of levels.    

Steve Mayo

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