[CT Birds] Very OT: Seriously...

Jonah Cohen jonahc at cox.net
Wed Jul 16 14:29:58 EDT 2014

Relevant to nothing, in the Random Facts I Just Learned department:

So, you've seen the sort-of-amusing, sort of "what was this author thinking?" list beefing about America's state birds? (If not: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2013/05/state_bird_improvements_replace_cardinals_and_robins_with_warblers_and_hawks.html) 

The author berates Arizona by saying "Cactus Wren is like the only boring bird in the entire state. I can’t believe it."

And if he found that unbelievable, imagine the shock of learning that the Clay Colored Robin - the plain brown Clay Colored Robin - is the National Bird... of Costa Rica.

Jonah Cohen

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