[CT Birds] Wimisink Entertainment

Angeladimmitt at aol.com Angeladimmitt at aol.com
Sat Jul 19 09:12:59 EDT 2014

from Angela Dimmitt with Maureen Connolly
7/18 Sherman/Wimisink Marsh - 3 charismatic young continue to chase Mom  
demanding food, she sometimes feeds them, sometimes flies off.  One of them  
can fly and has fished (frogged?) on its own, the other two tend to just sit 
and  chill, but all 3 get aggressive with Mom when she is willing to feed 
them.   They all stab at each other, not so nice.  Never see second parent.   
Additional entertainment includes 6 or 7 green herons, including 3 or 4 
young; a  couple of great blue herons, 2 adult kingfishers feeding 4 young; a 
kingbird  family, several swamp sparrows, marsh wrens singing early; cedar 
waxwings back  and forth, a yellow-billed cuckoo often seen flying into low 
trees to the left  of the boardwalk (we also heard a black-billed off to the 
right); huge numbers  of tree swallows (some still nesting), a few barn, 
rough-winged and now  several bank swallows, also chimney swifts.  Constant 
catbird  singing.  A willow flycatcher whose only noise is a gentle "whip".  Oh  
and of course wood ducks (mostly on the south pond, reached by trail a 
hundred  yards down the road) and 3 or 4 young hooded mergansers (Mom seems to 
have  gone).  You get the picture!

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