[CT Birds] Stratford Greenway Incident

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Sun Jul 20 21:14:06 EDT 2014

I have posted this in a private message to the CT FWS and DEEP via their Facebook pages. I am appalled! This happened today. 
"While at the Greenway in Stratford, a man (photo sent to both) was setting off what I thought was a shot gun at the geese, swans and other birds that were feeding in the cove. I reported it to the Stratford Police officer monitoring the Boat Ramp. More "shots" were heard coming from within the plant property and birds (Gulls and Pigeons mostly, and 4 Osprey that I suspect are the family that was nesting on the the roof or near the roof of the building closet to the Greenway, all took flight. I then drove over to Sniffens Lane to see what was going on and the Police told me that this man is a government employee who has a permit to shoot off charges to scare the birds away. Away from what? I know that property is to finally be developed and they think they are going to develop the Cove as well. What right does he have to aim his charges at birds in the cove of the Greenway?! That is not his concern and it needs to not continue. There are Oystercatchers that may have been nesting on that rock peninsula that juts off by Knapps Landing, Terns are nesting in the area, Cormorants feed in the cove and Housatonic River as well as the Osprey, various Herons, Sandpipers. I am at the Greenway in the morning for at least 45 mins, during my lunch break and often after work. I am there several times over the weekend (it's great birding and bugging and close to home). I have never once heard anyone from the Avco property setting off charges from there - only from the airport. Why are they all of sudden interested in clearing out the birds - especially the Osprey (active nest on a pole in the parking lot on the corner of Main and Sniffens - those young have not fledged as of today. I would appreciate any info you can share. Thank you."

I cannot believe the permit would include birds in the cove or even anywhere near the Osprey!  Ugh!

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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