[CT Birds] Accipiter ID

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 21 23:54:37 EDT 2014

I agree with Don about the Accipiter ID, these pictures suggest to little to make a positive ID. Most of the time with these 2 birds it is easier to tell what it is by how it flies, acts or just plain carries itself. On all the field marks they are suppose to have, I've seen them all occasionally be wrong. With Accipiters it takes field marks plus size, how it presents itself in flight, its actions and how good a view you see it in. Another words, we often need time to see it well to make an ID. As was mentioned, even the best field marks of each can be on or not with any particular Accipiter. I've seen Coops with squared off tails and Sharpies with round. Sharpies with largish looking heads and Coops with smallish heads, and both can appear the same as the bird passes or is on coming. But just a flight picture is usually not enough to positively ID these Accips. I wonder if they occasionally have trouble IDing their own kind?

Paul Carrier

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