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Hi, Craig! (I've been sitting on this email for a while...)
I've noticed a definite feeder up-tick as well. The finches, of course,
are chowing down in greater numbers - but they're into their nesting
period. But the sunflower (2 feeders' worth) and suet have been
decimated by the end of every day. For us, part of it is the grackle
factor - they nest in the area and visit in an extended family group.
But there are also all the hungry fledglings from this year's "crop":
catbird, wrens, titmice, nuthatches, cardinals, and the various
woodpeckers. They certainly have plenty to eat around the yard, but on
some days, it's like a party at the feeders.
:-)  Tammy

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Has anyone else noticed the birds seem to be eating alot more the past
two weeks ?  I have four feeders out two with sunflower seeds and two
with cracked corn and seed mix usually only fill them about twice a week
. Lately it's almost everyday . Craig vernon 

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