[CT Birds] Robin question

Gary Prestash gprestash28 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 11:38:31 EDT 2014

As a bit of a follow up to Paul Carrier’s question concerning the American Robin’s habitat pre-grass lawn days, I have a rather unusual robin in my yard.  This robin continues to show up on one of my seed feeders.  I have a plastic tray underneath a tubular feeder filled with hulled sunflower seeds and this robin has been up on that plastic tray eating the hulled sunflower off and on for several weeks now.  Robins are primarily ground feeders, eating worms and insects.  This guy is actually staying on the plastic tray and chomping away on the hulled sunflower!  Anyone seen this behavior before?

Also had a male Baltimore Oriole land on the same feeder/tray a week or so ago, but he was not interested in the sunflower seed and flew over to an oriole feeder with grape jelly in it.

Gary Prestash

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