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Hi Paul: Robins are inhabitants of open woodlands, and would have found lots of native worms in the leaf litter on the forest floor (though the earthworms they are now gleaning from our lawns is a species introduced by European settlors). And further west, they would also have found easy pickings in mixed prairie-woodland habitat. 

Rob Mirer

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I am once again curious about the following subject, and hope someone on this site might know the answer to this.
I have often wondered about what the American Robin's habitat was before the advent of the American Lawn. There were no grass lawns before America was settled by the white man. Today our country is now covered with many more open grassy areas including numerous cut grass lawns. I can not remember ever seeing our Robins living or feeding in other habitat other than our numerous grass lawns. Yesterday in my thick back woods, I spotted a Wood Thrush bathing in a small stream and thought, "I never saw a Robin in here ever." 
So What is the answer? What habitat did the Robin occupy before their were cut grass lawns?  
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