[CT Birds] Coastal migration-Greenwich

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 21:00:31 EDT 2014

I just got finished enjoying a nice coastal flight of Swallows and Blackbirds here in Greenwich. The  surprise of the evening however were 3 separate groups of about 10 Bobolink working their way down as well. I'm not sure I've seen Bobolink working the coast this early..

About 20 minutes of observing.

Tree Swallows- ~400. 1 large group of about 300 and then a few smaller groups following. 
Bank Swallow- 10 (that I could pick out, probably more) mixed in with Tree Swallows.
Red-winged BB- ~200
Purple Martin- ~20 birds feeding over the water and very vocal (not migrant)
Bobolink- ~30-35 total in 3 groups. 

Stefan Martin

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