[CT Birds] E.T. Grasso to Fair Haven trail. 7:00 am - 8:00 am.

Robert Hutton rvhuk at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 25 12:59:39 EDT 2014

Sims Metal Management

Ring Billed Gulls x 8
Grackles x 6
Female Mallard x 1
House Sparrows x 4

Domus Academy 

Canada Geese x 10
Male Belted Kingfisher hovering x 1    
Lesser Yellowlegs x 1
Greater Yellowlegs x 3|American Black Duck x 1
Great Blue Heron x 1
Mourning Doves x 6
American Robins x 2
Male House Finch x 1
Female Mallard x 1
Chimney Swifts x 2
Fish / American Crow x 1 strange "awp."

Car Wash Rt.1 x E.T.Grasso

The West River is teeming with peanut bunker.
Great Blue Herons x 3
Belted Kingfisher x 1
Grackles x 5
Ring-billed Gulls x 3
Mourning Doves x 2
European Starlings x 30+
Great Egrets x 3
American Robins x 6

The Sound School

Snowy Egret x 1
Swallows x 8
Northern Mockingbirds x 3
Monk Parakeets x 5
Mourning Doves x 3
European Starlings x 7
American Crows x 2
Song Sparrow x 1
American Robins x 5

Long Wharf Pier structural work being done - pier quiet.

Snowy Egrets x 2
Osprey x 1
Ring-billed Gulls x 2
??? Terns x 2 (orange bill)

Lenny and Joe's Fish Place
Ruddy Ducks ? x 4 (Hersheys kisses with upturned tail [distant])
Scaup pair 
Barn Swallows x 16
Double Crested Cormorants (x 1 Juvenile + 3 Adults) 
Herring Gulls x 2
Ring-billed Gulls x 3
Grackles x 7
House Sparrows x 6

Returning from work. I did not have my camera?
Only the Ruddy Ducks were too far to identify by photograph.

Robert Hutton
New Haven,

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