[CT Birds] House Wrens

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 13:57:05 EDT 2014

We have a wren house  hanging from a big tree in our back yard. It's old
and decrepit, but I keep putting it up every spring it because it attracts
wrens every year.  For the last few weeks I've really enjoyed a second
batch of house wren babies, how clearly I can see their little mouths open
when I walk by and hear their noise.  Soon the parents come bearing
caterpillars,  and they scold me loudly.

Then yesterday morning I walked out and noticed -- nothing.  Complete
silence.  No little mouths or noisy calls.  I was quite alarmed. What
happened?  Did they fall out? Were they eaten by a predator?  I glanced
anxiously around the grass but saw nothing.  Then it occurred to me that
they had fledged!  And I never thought about this, but when baby birds
fledge, are they gone from the house, or the nest, forever?  Do they only
roost and perch in trees once they've fledged?  I keep hoping to see the
parents feeding them up in the tree, or hear them, but so far there is no
sign of them.  And the parents used to sing and scold all day long.

Katherine Kuckens in WeHa

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