[CT Birds] Goshawk ID follow up

Joseph Cala joseph.e.cala at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 21:47:41 EDT 2014


A few months ago I cautioned and urged extra scrutiny on any suspected
juvenile Goshawks -- particularly birds that were in a backyard setting or
frequenting a feeder.  We rarely get to see these birds so making quick
calls on ID's are large accipiters can certainly be difficult.

I finally managed to get a halfway decent picture of a juvenile Goshawk and
wanted to point a few things out, since some of us will be lucky enough to
see them in the next coming months at various hawk watch sites (or locally)
throughout the state.


Please forgive the poor photo--not the usual standards but does show the ID
points well.  Note the very large white supercillium--some Cooper's and
Sharpies will show this, but it will not be this extensive.

Note the dark, thick breast streaks over a buff/tawny breast color.  While
Cooper's and Sharpies exist with thicker breast streaking (Cooper's
especially in the west) they don't exist with the breast color that a
juvenile Goshawk will show.

Two final ID points that are obscured/tough to see here.  One being a very
long, broad tail.  The other being that frequently that heavy streaking
will creep onto the undertail coverts -- again, something that you do not
see even with heavily marked Cooper's and Sharpies.

Happy birding!

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