[CT Birds] Hamden Eagles 2014 - Summary

Michael F Horn mfhorn at whitmancontrols.com
Wed Jul 30 16:27:26 EDT 2014

Hi All,

Last Friday, I started going back down to view the eagles on State St,
Hamden again and made the following discovery. With both parents and both
first year birds in plain sight, a big second year bird showed up, landed on
a branch near the nest then hopped into the nest!!! The adults sang but did
not take flight to chase it. One first year chick ignored it and the other
one chased it halfheartedly as if it was a game. This has been going on
since I came back and most likely before. The parents ignore it and it
roosts in the nest. I believe the second year bird is our last year's
chick!! These are the most uneaglelike eagles I have ever heard of. Maybe
because these are the most watched bald eagles on the planet we are seeing
things that have been missed before. 7 days a week, there are people
watching and making notes.

Regards to all,

Mike Horn

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