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For those of you who Remember Tom Bravo from the Hawk Watch , here is his latest.
bill Banks
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Hi all, 
I had a fantastic break. Highlights include birding in Jamaica(sorry we missed each other Lupe) a Broadway play, parties and a too short visit withfriends and family. Thanks!  

I’m back in Indonesia and getting settled. My new job is atGlobal Jaya International School in Jakarta. With a large modern campus, including fields, 2 pools, and lots of greenit is a significant upgrade from the previous school. Work, as a grade 8 and 9teacher and Head of Department starts this Monday with students arriving thefollowing Monday. 
I’ve been provided with a roomy 2 bedroom house, nicelyfurnished. The small kampong ( housing village) has many trees and is adjacentto some small agricultural plots. With banana, coconut and mango trees neighboringto my tiny back yard. As a result there is a variety of birds, butterflies, dragonfly’setc.  I can wake in the morning and do somebirding right outside my door. Or I can take a walk and do some laps around thelarge soccer field.  Again an upgrade fromthe dirty, smelly, crowded, loud, concrete jungle of my previous place, wheremy exercise entailed walking round and round the mall. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer holidays (or winterholiday’s for my Aussi and Kiwi friends) 
Missing you all, Tom


Thomas Bravo
thm2bra at aol.com

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