[CT Birds] about early Warblers

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Thu Jul 31 13:49:08 EDT 2014

To the posting by Kevin F about early warblers, may I ad. 
In my experience, especially up here in the NW corner, I find that the Warblers years young seem to gather together and wander around in these mixed groups, with no seemingly direction they are going in. While birding this time of year, you might just come across these groupings of mostly young birds that seem to be those that were raised somewhere nearby. In my years of birding this time of year, sometimes the woods are dead of Warblers, then with luck, you get into one of these wandering groups of many young birds and some Adults. Sort of like a wandering group of birds feeding and communing together. To me, Warblers have always given me the impression of a species that loves company, esp with their own kind - other Warblers! I believe they are wandering about just feeding up till that cold night comes and sparks the urge to begin heading due south. 
Would like to hear (see) others thoughts on this. 

Paul Carrier -Harwinton

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