[CT Birds] Royal Tern Penfield Reef

James Purcell jpurcell1616 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 17:09:40 EDT 2014

I was sitting in my dining room reading a book (ironically about
Charadriiformes) when I heard a tern call outside that I thought sounded a
bit off for Common, and I had an inkling what it might be.

Sure enough, I grabbed my bins and ran outside and got on a beautiful Royal
Tern. It's been foraging around the reef itself and occasionally resting on
the jetty behind my house, which is one jetty to the west of the reef (to
your left if you are looking out over the sound). Judging by the fact that
the bird has been foraging and resting during the last 15 minutes that I
have watched it, I'm guessing it will stick around at least for the next
few hours. It's sitting on the jetty now as I write this.

In case you don't know, Penfield Reef in Fairfield can be accessed from a
small road-driveway labeled Lighthouse Point Road which is only a few yards
past the intersection of Reef Road and Fairfield Beach Road. After you take
a right on Fairfield Beach Road from Reef Road, the entrance will be almost
immediately on your left after the small parking lot. You can park on
Fairfield Beach Road in a few small lots on your right just past the

James Purcell

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