[CT Birds] Pesticides are killing Bees and Birds

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> Breaking news: A terrifying new study has found that the exact same
> pesticides causing the massive global bee die-off are now killing birds as
> well.
> The global bee die-off has been happening so fast that scientists are
> still scrambling to detect all the impacts. And now, this new study also
> finds that neonic pesticides are killing warblers, swallows, starlings and
> thrushes nearly as fast as the bees -- at current rates, 35 percent of the
> bird population will disappear in just 10 years in the areas studied.
> We need to get these toxic pesticides off the market before they cause a
> new “silent spring” -- and our efforts are gaining momentum.
> In Europe, there’s a moratorium on bee and bird-killing neonics. Ontario,
> Canada's biggest province, is close to becoming the first major territory
> in North America to ban them as well.
> But Bayer -- one of the biggest producers of these toxic pesticides -- has
> an army of lawyers suing to overturn Europe's ban, and their million-dollar
> lobbyists are fighting to kill Ontario’s bee protection bill. The only way
> we can win is if we all fight back together.
> Tom Owsiany
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