[CT Birds] Pesticides are killling bees and birds

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 14:50:32 EDT 2014

This may be the study to which Thomas is referring:


I am not a scientist, but I do know that imidacloprid is considered among
the most toxic of the the neonicotinoids. "Neonics" are frequently applied
to seed as an exterior coating. When the seed germinates, the poison is
absorbed by the developing plant. Everything in the plant, including
nectar, contains the insecticide.

Note that the University of California at Davis College of Agriculture and
Natural Resources regards the threat to bees in particular as being "Very
High." Yet, many garden plants for sale have been pre-treated with a
neonicotinoid and any homeowner can go into a garden center and buy it with
ease. Ironically, some of the potted flowers for sale at home centers come
in pots which advertise the flower's appeal to bees and butterflies, not
mentioning to the consumer that the plant is also often lethal to those
same bees and butterflies.


Charlie Barnard Jr

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