[CT Birds] Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk calling for attention

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Sat Aug 2 20:22:01 EDT 2014

This recording is, if nothing else, different. I was driving  through the 
Yale Forest yesterday (Fri, 8-1-14) when a loud scream practically  next to 
my car brought me to a sliding halt. I was pretty sure what it was and I  was 
right, a Broad-winged Hawk, but until it called again I didn't realize it  
was a juvenile calling for a parent. As it turned out, the bird was in a  
pine tree only about 40 feet away from me. There was an adult circling  
overhead and calling in reply, but I was using a directional microphone and  
apparently it was not picked up. At one point the adult swooped down and flew by  
the tree and about 20 feet over my car. When the bird finally gave up 
calling I  decided to risk getting out of the car and trying for a picture, 
which, of  course, didn't work. However the bird flew about 100 yards away and 
landed  again, then resumed calling. I followed through the woods and at least 
managed  to get some obstructed shots of it. 
If the links don't work please let me know. 
Here's the link to the sound file (MP3):
You will have to download the file in order to play  it -  haven't found a 
way around that yet but I'm working on it. 
In between all the whining the bird manages passable renditions  of an 
adult BW call, but the sound is wavery and off-pitch.
Here's a few pics of the  juvie:   
A good study of a juvenile Broad-wing, at least while sitting.  Note there 
is no broad white band in the tail as there would be an adult. Adult  tail 
would be all-over black with 1 white stripe and perhaps some additional  weak 
white bands. 
Also, the chest markings are reminiscent of other juvenile  hawks, such as 
a Red-shoulder; dark vertical spots and stripes. An Adult has  horizontal 
reddish bands very much like a Red-shoulder but not as bright  and red. 
Don Morgan,  Coventry
mntncougar at aol.com

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