[CT Birds] Juvenile Broad-winged Hawk calling for attention

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Sun Aug 3 10:15:41 EDT 2014

I got the sound and the pictures, nice work. what do you think he's eating/ A bat?
---- Don Morgan via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote: 
> This recording is, if nothing else, different. I was driving  through the 
> Yale Forest yesterday (Fri, 8-1-14) when a loud scream practically  next to 
> my car brought me to a sliding halt. I was pretty sure what it was and I  was 
> right, a Broad-winged Hawk, but until it called again I didn't realize it  
> was a juvenile calling for a parent. As it turned out, the bird was in a  
> pine tree only about 40 feet away from me. There was an adult circling  
> overhead and calling in reply, but I was using a directional microphone and  
> apparently it was not picked up. At one point the adult swooped down and flew by  
> the tree and about 20 feet over my car. When the bird finally gave up 
> calling I  decided to risk getting out of the car and trying for a picture, 
> which, of  course, didn't work. However the bird flew about 100 yards away and 
> landed  again, then resumed calling. I followed through the woods and at least 
> managed  to get some obstructed shots of it. 
> If the links don't work please let me know. 
> Here's the link to the sound file (MP3):
> http://1drv.ms/1ALIqCe
> You will have to download the file in order to play  it -  haven't found a 
> way around that yet but I'm working on it. 
> In between all the whining the bird manages passable renditions  of an 
> adult BW call, but the sound is wavery and off-pitch.
> Here's a few pics of the  juvie:   
>  http://1drv.ms/1ALI8eC
> A good study of a juvenile Broad-wing, at least while sitting.  Note there 
> is no broad white band in the tail as there would be an adult. Adult  tail 
> would be all-over black with 1 white stripe and perhaps some additional  weak 
> white bands. 
> Also, the chest markings are reminiscent of other juvenile  hawks, such as 
> a Red-shoulder; dark vertical spots and stripes. An Adult has  horizontal 
> reddish bands very much like a Red-shoulder but not as bright  and red. 
> Don Morgan,  Coventry
> mntncougar at aol.com
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