[CT Birds] Pesticides killing birds

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 3 15:22:45 EDT 2014

For over 40 years, I had many Bluebird trails that i took care of and monitored. at peak I had over 200 boxes, and I learned this through doing so.

Pesticides kill birds through ingesting the poisons sprayed on insects. I would see this result in my boxes from dead babies there with no obvious other causes, till I found out the land owner sprayed their orchards, their gardens or their lawns. Almost always this was the culprit for seeing dead young. I asked the land owners if they will continue to spray, and if yes, i would remove my boxes. Other examples to bird poisoning were - A dead Flicker on my lawn, just after my neighbor sprayed for Carpenter Ants. Another neighbor regularly sprayed and poisoned his lawn to look its possible best. We found 2 dead Robins on a neighbors lawn, suspecting eating worms and grubs that were poisoned. If we humans regularly ate foods that contained pesticides and other poisons, I'm sure we to would have Illnesses and some deaths as well. 
Point: When we humans alter or change the balanced environment to our liking, with poisons and such, other life forms will suffer. When are we all going to realize this? And when are we going to see, doing so effects our lives and health as well !  

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