[CT Birds] Poisons and perpetrators sent from laptop

SUSANNE birdgirrl at comcast.net
Mon Aug 4 21:05:46 EDT 2014

From: Susanne Shrader 

Subject: Poisons and perpetrators 

To Paul and Alex and others, those giant greedy companies would not exist without their millions of greedy and selfish customers. It is not just the ignorance of those ordinary folk in our midst who spray everywhere. They are the same type of people who make up the personnel of the corporations, and their motivation is also greed and selfishness. These people will not except their environment is conjoined with that of the natural world and they try to control nature. At the consumer level perpetrators use these chemicals so they can have beautiful fruit, lawn, homes etc without worrying about Nature's destructiveness. I have educated many people about their ways that destroy our environment, and I cannot remember a single instance when they seemed to actually care let alone change. 
So I'm asking anybody who has any ideas besides paying lipservice: How do we stop these companies and their customers? 

Susanne Shrader 

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