[CT Birds] A Few Thoughts on Finding the Old Lyme White Ibis

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Wed Aug 6 21:26:38 EDT 2014

Denny Abbott and I arrived at West End Drive in Old Lyme today at about 3 PM and saw no waders in the marsh at all.  Tide was low but rising.  At about 3:30 we drove north to check out the north end of Hawk's Nest Marsh at Otter Rock Rd. where the White Ibis was apparently first spotted back on the 3rd.  There we found one Great Egret, and eventually found 1 Snowy Egret, though the Snowy was frequently hidden in channels.  All of a sudden the immature White Ibis appeared from the edge of one of the channels.  We watched the Ibis and Snowy off and on for the next 30 minutes as they were almost never more than 10 feet apart.  Though again both birds would frequently disappear in the channels.

The Ibis was also seen in the pannes at the southern end of the marsh just north of West End Drive on the 5th in the early morning and evening, and early this morning - all times when the tide was pretty high.  

So I bet the Ibis is feeding in the channels somewhere in the marsh when the tide is lower.  Best places could be along Otter Creek Rd. and along Route 156.  Of course not only are there many channels that are not viewable from access points, but the bird can also hide easily down in the channels.  At higher tides, the channels are filled so those feeding locations are not accessible.  So at higher tides it may well prefer feeding in the salt pannes and the edge of open pools.  In addition to the pannes at West End Drive, there is an open pool off Otter Rock Rd. so that could be another spot for the bird at high tide.

Just some (hopefully) educated guesses on when and where to find the White Ibis in Old Lyme.

We also had a flyover flock of 14 dark ibises while at West End Drive.

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA


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White ibis being seen at 3:30 pm from Otter Rock Rd. in marsh with 1 Snowy 
Egret.  Best viewing from 100 Yards south of northern end of road.   Though 
frequently out of view in channels on this low/mid tide.

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