[CT Birds] Advice on seed storage, please?

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Thu Aug 7 21:12:26 EDT 2014

I have begun to store seed outside, in the heavy metal cans sold at, e.g., Fat Robin, these stored in one of those Rubbermaid storage cabinets.  So far, so good.  But squirrels have been nibbling at it here & there.  I don't know if they can smell the seed some, or are just curious.

I'd rather they didn't get in, but since the seed is in the metal cans, I'm not very concerned.  Should I make a hole or two so they can get in, and not nibble away?  Or are they too set on gnawing away?

We have some bitter apple spray, from days with kittens, & I've used a bit -- not sure if it helps, but they didn't enlarge those spots.  But obviously I can't keep it drenched.

Or, is there another solution?

Russian hackers could probably take lessons from these guys.

	Thanks!  Arthur

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