[CT Birds] Hummers galore

Barbara bepokorny at comcast.net
Mon Aug 11 19:09:40 EDT 2014

I came home from work about 6 pm and was surprised to discover the 3 HB feeders closest to the house were all empty. 2 on porch  both large and one next to front walk on shepherds crook. I filled those 3 feeders 6 am today. I was suspicious of either some thirsty downys or maybe raccoons . So I filled all three and before I could get the nectar back in the fridge I heard a loud racket from feeder #1. All 6 ports occupied and many others cued up. I came out and sat in nearest chair. Within 30 seconds I had 19 HBs in sight, on the shadbush, on the porch railing, on the backs of chairs, and zipping everywhere. one even considered my nose briefly. 2 adult males at least. Presumably the rest some adult females but mostly juvs. Now I know I have plenty of babies and maintain 9 feeders on property but never saw #s like this before. I'm going to need to order sugar by the truckload!

Barbara Pokorny
East Haddam

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